The Retreat Of A Lifetime

Join me in Tuscany, Italy, from April 20-26, 2022, for


Spend 7 life-changing days (6 nights) learning to manifest your ideal life in Montepulciano, Italy at Sandy and Phil Ferretti’s renowned Relais Ortaglia, with Sandy Abrams, Gianna Vallefuoco and me.

Join us to restore, realign, and unleash your true creative nature.

In addition to improving our lives, our extraordinary agenda includes a variety of luxurious and unforgettable experiences.

“In America, one must be something, but in Italy, one can simply be.” –Pietros Maneos

Simply be… with us in Spring 2022.

Join us in the quiet Italian countryside of Montepulciano

for our long-awaited “Retreat of a Lifetime”

at Relais Ortaglia and Villa Cicolina.

We’ve designed an intimate Tuscany retreat that will be life changing.
Our intent is that the momentum of this experience will stay with you for long afterwards. 

With a maximum of 15 participants, this will be a unique and extraordinary retreat. It will stimulate all the senses, as we connect with nature, celebrate food and wine in a mindful and intuitive way, and explore this magical land. 

We will reset and restore in the Italian hot springs and relax with a spa massage at the nearby Bagno Vignoni spas.

We will cook and savor the flavors of fresh farm to table food.

We will draw, paint, journal and celebrate the visual arts, releasing judgement and self doubt,
while finding the space and the will to create. No art experience required! 

We will honor and enhance our minds and bodies as we learn the incredible benefits of breathwork, posture, voice and storytelling coaching, led by our own accomplished “A-team”; an Actress, an Artist, an Author, and an Agriturismo badass.

Most importantly, we will form meaningful human connections in a safe, beautiful, nurturing, and unforgettable place!

Get ready to learn concrete ways to optimize your life through breath, body language and voice work, mindfulness, and accessing and trusting your intuition and creativity. In addition to enhancing our lives,
our extraordinary agenda includes a variety of unforgettable experiences. 

What is the “Retreat of a Lifetime?”

It’s far beyond a retreat! It’s a life-changing journey, with enlightening workshops weaved into a relaxing retreat environment to optimize your Italian experience! Tuscany is an ideal place to quiet the mind and observe the moment. While learning profound, practical and lasting ways to nourish our bodies, minds and souls, we will slow down, be present, and enjoy the magic of the Val D’Orcia. We’ve incorporated a special spa day at a Thermal spa at the beginning of the program to bring mind and body to a restful and receptive state. Imagine naturally warm, healing waters and a spa massage… in a private salt grotto!

Why Tuscany?

Italy is one of Europe’s oldest civilizations, overflowing with abundant natural wonders. The Val D’Orcia is thought by many to be the most beautiful part of Tuscany. It is the Tuscany featured on postcards, boasting cypress-lined winding roads amidst soft, rolling hills, dotted with vineyards and olive trees. It is no coincidence that we chose this magical land and these extraordinary estates to host our retreat and offer you Tuscany from a rare and personal perspective. American-born but now Tuscan local (and one of our retreat leaders!), Elia, swears that the Val D’Orcia is a distinctive energy center. It holds a rare and magical energy of a greater power that is undeniably present.

What can I expect to achieve?

A new approach to life! This retreat is not about achievement or outcome. It’s about finding inspiration and perspective! We will teach you how to cultivate joy by creating empowering thought patterns and minimizing limiting belief systems. You will learn to optimize your physical, vocal, emotional, and mental habits, and quiet and nurture your mind.

Expect to learn profound, practical, and lasting ways to create a life full of gratitude and joy. This trip embodies how to feel truly alive. Expect sensory experiences alongside like-minded women for a one-of-a-kind journey into Tuscany. The wisdom you acquire will encompass life-changing benefits from breath work, meditation, finding and expressing your voice and your power, becoming your own storyteller, enhancing your posture and how you carry and view yourself, accessing your intuition, connecting with and nurturing your body, finding resilience, and learning to express your creativity through art and mindfulness techniques. Whether or not these concepts are new to you, the combination of them will be an tremendously powerful experience.

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“We are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fates, able to create lives
overflowing with peace, happiness, and love.”
                                                                            -Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

How is it life-changing?

To gather momentum for lasting change, you need to be ready and supported! You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty, inspiration, and the guidance of a team of four accomplished women who are leading voices in their fields! The Retreat Of A Lifetime is one momentous step toward the life you choose to live. You’ll relax and restore as you learn the tools to thrive through specialized, fun workshops intended to create sustainable life shifts. Our intention is not only to create lasting memories and new friendships, but to return home renewed and revitalized, as your highest and best self, living your intended life. Expect transformation!

Is this retreat all inclusive?

Yes (except for air fare and transportation from airport to Relais Ortaglia, and a few optional add-ons*)! Once you arrive, we’ll take care of everything. All food aversions and allergies can be accomodated.

*additional add-ons include:
-Private Driver P/U from Rome or Florence
-Horseback riding through the vineyards


What is the cost?

The all-inclusive fees are set at:

5175 Euro double occupancy in a classic room
5250 Euro double occupancy in a superior room
6000 Euro for single occupancy in a classic room
6150 Euro for single occupancy in a superior room.

If you plan to attend the retreat with other(s), please advice Sandy F. at Relais Ortaglia when you sign up so she can coordinate your shared room options. This is a wonderful opportunity to reunite with loved ones and indulge in the retreat together. Price includes villa accommodations and amenities, exceptional food and drink, personalized retreat excursions, culinary lessons, art classes, food and wine tastings, and all privately-led retreat workshops by Elia Nichols, Sandy Abrams and Gianna Vallefuoco.

What about flights and extras?

Airfare and transportation from airport to villa/back is not included. Private drivers can be arranged. If you want to extend your trip beyond the retreat, Sandy F, our retreat hostess, has connections to even more options! Her beautiful Relais Ortaglia is not only an ancient historical estate, it is an internationally celebrated agriturismo which sits right below the renowned Tuscan gem of Montepulciano.

Join us now to get one of 15 spots at the Retreat of a Lifetime!

If this truly inspires you, you’re ready for the Retreat Of A Lifetime!

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