Speaker Coaching


Clients often reach out to Elia for help because they “bombed their wonderfully-written speech,” “could hardly recognize or understand themselves when they watched the video of their speech,”  or “felt that they just weren’t funny!” 

Elia coaches speakers to find their authentic voice, to increase their confidence, presence and effectiveness onstage so that they communicate the best of themselves. She creates a playful, safe and judgement-free environment that encourages experimentation so that clients develop new ways to express themselves and connect with the audience.

In Elia’s Speaker Coaching sessions, clients will: 

● gain confidence when presenting and know how to promote him/herself in a more positive way. 

● learn how to take the words from the page to the stage (and deliver a dynamic, powerful speech!) 

● learn how to be funny and make an audience laugh

● have greater facility in observing and reading audience’s body language, and learn how to create an active, participatory audience

● develop awareness of his/her own effective and ineffective physical and vocal habits. 

● learn tools and methods to make one’s body language clear, one’s voice powerful and easily understand, and one’s charisma shine

● if necessary, learn tips and tricks for presentation support (Ppt, etc.)

Coaching Program:
Elia varies every session based on the client and his/her specific needs. 

Topics commonly covered are:  
● Physical presence, body language and their impact upon the audience: Alexander Technique
● The voice and how to use it with power: Patsy Rodenberg voice technique
● Everyone has a funny bone!: how to be funny onstage: Comedic Timing 
● Typical nervous behaviors in public speaking and how to overcome them 
● Text analysis of client’s speech, how to take the words off the page and bring them to life through the effective use of voice and body 
● Communicating status (Improv exercises to raise and lower status depending on the situation speakers find themselves in)
● How to adopt a storytelling style in speech delivery

In Elia’s Speaker Coaching sessions, the following skills will be addressed: 
● Correct breathing and use of voice
● Posture
● Gestures
● Movement control
● Ability to express sentiments
● Communicating status
● Storytelling