What Makes Elia Different?

Elia combines the variety of experiences from her acting, business and teaching careers to coach clients into becoming powerful, dynamic, charismatic speakers. 

These 3 techniques make her method of Speaker coaching completely unique:
1) Patsy Rodenburg voice technique: this vocal technique gives speakers practical tools to strengthen one’s speaking voice and be heard
2) Alexander Technique: this body technique informs clients how to free the body of stress and negative habits and use it efficiently and with intention.
3) Theatre Improv Games and Exercises: Improvisation and Theatre exercises force clients to get out of their own head and be present onstage and with the audience. In addition, stretching one’s creativity and learning how to think and act on the spot is the best way to learn how to be FUNNY!

The results of these three techniques are a body, voice, and mind that communicate confidence, authenticity and a clear message.

Elia’s work is rather introspective and personal. She asks clients to consider their own physical and vocal qualities so that they may grow out of any bad habits and accept and communicate the best of themselves. Openness to perform and to give oneself a challenge is welcome.