My Story

I’m an American-born, Italian-based Public Speaking and Communication coach with an accomplished TV and Theatre Career. My mindful, yet fun teaching techniques have helped thousands of people master the skill of charisma and break communication barriers.

Elia In Action

TV & Theatre

I’ve been a professional actress for 15 years and am best known for my starring role as Professor Tucker in the comedic TV series Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends that airs nightly on the RAI Gulp channel in Italy and in 180 countries across the globe on Netflix. I also co-founded F.E.S.T.A. Theatre Company and produce and act in many of its productions.

Business & Academia

Outside of my acting career, I’ve also held high-level jobs in Public and External Relations as well as Learning and Development, which has given me insight into both the academic and business environments. In addition, I have been a professor of “Public Speaking” and “Body Language and Communication” at the European University Institute, the European School of Economics, Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici and the University of Texas at Austin.


I teach speakers and professionals in strategic business and leadership roles effective ways to perfect their presence and speaking skills onstage, in the courtroom, classroom, boardroom and onscreen.

My techniques incorporate elements of theatre, improvisation and comedy into teachings as I have found that this type of mindful and fun experiential learning leads to the most effective, transformational changes in my clients.

I believe that charisma is a skill that can be learned and which, once mastered, has the potential to motivate, persuade, inspire, and
advance business and personal interests.

Trusted by Top institutions and organizations around the world

What people are saying about my work:

“I took part in a two-day workshop on Public Speaking taught by Elia. Elia is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She had us do exercises that were challenging, but helped me tremendously. I now understand how I come across in presentations and how I can change that impression, if desired. I highly recommend her course.”

Matthias Schmidtblaicher, Economist, European University Institute

“I am so thankful to Elia for all that she taught me. I still have much work to do, but what I know because of this class has changed my life forever. Instead of being a lazy-sounding hunchback, I am now a confident and aware person! I can never thank Elia enough for the gift she has given me.”

Rebecca Niner, undergraduate college student


Gain confidence and create lasting impressions

I’ve helped thousands of students around the world find their confidence in their voice and leave lasting impressions. My methods are a culmination of over two decades of teaching and coaching speakers, leaders, managers and other professionals to become better speakers.

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